World Youth Day-2022-History of World Youth Day, Theme, Activities,

World Youth Day-On August 12 we celebrate World Youth Day worldwide. There is an annual tradition of celebrating World Youth Day on August 12 every year. Many call World Youth Day International Youth Day. The youth are the leaders of the nation. The whole world is being run by young people. A child cannot run such a country. An old man cannot do anything for the welfare of the country.

In the middle, the youth are running the country and the whole world with their own hands. With the intellect and mind of the youth who have brought the world into their hands. The youth have done all the impossible with their physical strength. So there is no one comparable to the youth.

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Young people can do anything they want. They have nothing that is impossible. And so we celebrate a day called World Youth Day to further inspire all the struggling activities of these young people. On that day we declare our solidarity with the work of the youth and encourage them more.

History of Youth Day

World Youth Day came up in a general session in 1999. Later, the Lisbon government inaugurated World Youth Day at the World Conference in Lisbon on August 8-12, 1999. He declared August 12, 1999 as World Youth Day.

On this day, some laws were pass in the General Assembly to take cognizance of all the global activities of the youth to facilitate the path of awareness to support the work of the people. One of the icons of this day is that the youth will choose a theme for this day and the members of the youth organization will do their best to improve it.

World Youth Day

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Different youth organizations will organize different programs. Programs will encourage and motivate young people to work. Will be aware of all the work worldwide. And will help to awaken the mentality of working towards one’s own country. Will make the country aware.

The theme of  Youth Day

The attraction of World Youth Day is to build international relations and work hand in hand to find an active fellow youth in the global community. The theme for Youth Day 2021 is “Transforming Food S: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”.

And this success cannot be achieved without the participation of the youth. The youth have succeeded in that task in an instant. There are many great achievements in the world. There is a history of many successes. Young people have contributed to each of them.

Creating a World for All Ages

The target of International Youth Day 2022 is to enhance the necessary message across all ages to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and abandon nobody. It will likewise bring issues to light on specific obstructions to intergenerational fortitude, remarkably ageism, which influences youthful and old people, while negatively affecting society in general.

Ageism is a treacherous and frequently a neglected issue in wellbeing, basic liberties and improvement, and has course on both more established and more youthful populaces all over the planet. Likewise, ageism consistently meets with different types of predisposition (like prejudice and sexism) and effects individuals in manners that forestall them to arrive at their maximum capacity and completely add to their local area.

The Global Report on Ageism sent off by the United Nations in March 2022 features that in spite of absence of examination, youngsters keep on revealing age-related boundaries in different circles of their lives like work, political cooperation, wellbeing and equity. The report likewise distinguishes intergenerational mediations as one of the three vital systems to address ageism. Intergenerational exercises can likewise prompt a more noteworthy feeling of social connectedness and reinforce intergenerational fortitude.

Fortitude across ages is key for economical turn of events. As we explore the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is particularly critical to perceive and address these age-related hindrances to “work back better” in a way that use every one of ages’ assets and information.

Youth Day age limit

Youth Day can be attender by young people from any part of the world. Young people can participate in various events. However, not everyone can be called young. Those under 18 cannot be called young. Again, those over 35 are not young. So they will not take part in Youth Day programs. That is, we call those who are between the ages of 18 and 35 young.

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Youth Day activities

Young people from all over the world can organize various activities on World Youth Day. Such as educational radio shows. Here will arrange the conversation of the youth and others. Facebook will arrange a general meeting on WhatsApp. Or arrange a debate contest on the contribution of youth on Day.

Will establish a youth association. Where young people will exchange their doctrines with each other through their active participation. Will host a concert to celebrate Youth Day. A youth will set up an information form in their school or college to know various issues related to youth in the village or town.

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