World Tiger Day 2023-History, Significance, Celebration

July 29 is celebrate around the world every year World Tiger Day . Tiger Day is celebrate in almost every country in the world. The tiger is our national animal. World Tiger Day is again call International Day. We have been celebrating World Tiger Day on July 29 every year since 2010.We celebrate Tiger Day to raise awareness about tigers.

Every year different organizations like WWFIMW organize tiger day celebrations. Through which awareness is raised about the conservation of tigers and other national animals. Bangladesh plays an important role in maintaining the balance of nature. In the sentence I say king of all other beasts. Speech nature accelerates the food chain.

History of Tiger Day

The first Tiger Day was start in 2010. Other countries, including the United States, started Tiger Day in 2010. July 29 of that year was declared as Tiger Day. Organizes Tiger Day activities in almost every country in the world. To protect the Bak community, tigers have to do various things to maintain the balance of nature. And this requires a special day to work. That is why Tiger Day has its origin. Various events are organize around this day.

The significance of Tiger Day

If you know the history of Tiger Day then you can understand the significance of Tiger Day. Every year on this day, the government takes some initiatives to improve the tigers. Unfortunately, these wonderful creatures are slowly disappearing.

They are on the verge of extinction for various reasons. The number of tigers is declining day by day due to poaching, illegal export, climate change, the predominance of insurgents, some animal species, etc. Which is horrible for our nature. So on Tiger Day, work is do to protect the Bake community.

On other days, no one pays much attention to this work, but on July 29, Tiger Day, the Forest Resources Department and the Livestock Department do a lot of work to save the tigers. This special day originated only for tigers.

Celebration The Tiger Day

People all over the world celebrate Tiger Day. They expressed their sympathy for the tigers by celebrating Tiger Day. On this day, they work hand in hand for the conservation of tigers. You too can be an employee of this day.

You can also go to a safari park to know their habitual experiences in the life of tigers. Maybe you went to a zoo with your baby where your kids can learn about tiger conservation techniques. You can learn about the lifestyle of tigers. You can also do some convenient things for tigers these days. Tigers are poacher somewhere in the world. Is trade illegally. We can stop them.

It is also seen that people hunt and kill tigers for the very valuable Bagerhat skin and other parts of the body. We can consciously prevent them. A few days ago, a tiger came out of the Sundarbans of India and entered the locality. People kill it. Thus, such incidents happen one after the other.

World Tiger Day

The Sundarbans should be fence with nets to protect the tigers. So that no word can come out of the Sundarbans. We should aim for that on Tiger Day. In some case medicine is made with Bagerhat. So some rogue terrorists hunt and export tigers with syndicates.

They expect more profit. We need to ensure security with these goals in mind. Exporting illegal dams is really a terrible business. It is said that America alone spends 10 billion every year on this work. So we need to be vigilant to stop these various immoral activities.

Tiger Day 2023

Only if we are aware will the work be achieve. Raising awareness is a complex task but the task is very important. You can take the help of media. Or your friends can make relatives and family aware. You can spread awareness about the theme of Tiger Day through your social media. Yet most people are not aware of this. So by gaining knowledge in this regard,

we can fulfill our responsibilities even if it is a little bit. And we can build the future of Began in a beautiful way. Thank you so much for being with us for so long. You can see our other information if you want. We do our best to assist you with accurate information. We hope you are by our side all the time.

World Tiger Day

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