World Teacher’s Day 2022-History, Activities, Important of Teacher’s Day

October 5 is Teacher’s Day around the world. Celebrate this day to honor teachers. Teachers are the artisans of building people. A teacher develops a child into a skilled person. Sometimes a teacher becomes the father of the child and acts as the guardian of the child. The teacher is the guru. This day originated for the purpose of honoring teachers all over the world.

World Teacher’s Day

Every year on 5th October we celebrate Teacher’s Day. This day originated in 1994. We celebrate the day in many ways  people around the world respect teachers. Without teachers, no sage would have been born in the world, no science would have been born. No good man would be born. So organizes a special day to honor the teachers. That is World Teachers’ Day.

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History of Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day began in 1955. But in time, the day was not recognize. In 1955 the WTO introduced Teacher’s Day. Teacher’s Day was later recognize on October 5, 1994. UNESCO recognizes World Teachers’ Day and every teacher in the world deserves respect.

Teachers use their talents and thinking to develop children into competent people. They can’t be compare to anything. Because teachers are revere. People all over the world cannot judge the value of their merits by anything.

Happy Teacher’s Day

We sometimes use pictures and sometimes SMS to wish Teacher’s Day. We wish our teachers a happy day with SMS. In addition to teachers, we wish our loved ones and teachers a happy day. We also share Teacher’s Day greetings on Facebook, WhatsApp, Emo, Messenger or Instagram and social media. We wish everyone a Happy Teacher’s Day by uploading various greeting pictures.

The importance of Teacher’s Day

Teachers deserve respect from everyone. We are force to respect them. On other days, we don’t pay much attention to teachers ‌ because not everything is do in their honor every day. Nothing can be done by dedicating them to them every day  there is a special day in which we think only of teachers.

I work in their honor. We make arrangements to make them happy  from that day on we celebrate Teacher’s Day. And so there is the importance of Teacher’s Day. Without this day we could not do anything for teachers. On this day we can give them a little joy.

They deserve our respect. We should not hurt teachers. No student has been able to improve his life, who has hurt the teachers. So this is the oath that should be taken on Teacher’s Day. I will always respect teachers.

Teacher’s Day Activities

Teacher’s Day is an important day. Although this day is not a public holiday, we celebrate this day in many ways. In some countries this day is celebrate as a public holiday. On Teacher’s Day, students in schools, colleges, universities, madrasas and other educational institutions start various happy moments for teachers.

There is a drawing competition among the little ones. Moving is competition. Teachers distribute prizes among the children to make them happy ‌ some read invitations in honor of the teachers. Many write essays. Again the competition of essay writing is notice. Some teachers distribute chocolates and chips among the children.

World Teacher’s Day

World Teacher's Day

We understand the importance of each day. Let’s work accordingly. Special days are special in people’s lives. The days can bring a little joy to someone. Similarly, if we can give teachers a little happy moment on Teacher’s Day, it will be the biggest achievement in their lives.

They also do not expect anything from us. Just a little respect and trust. Just as a parent can shape a child’s future, so a teacher can shape a child’s future. So let us dedicate this day to the purpose of teachers.

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