World Population Day 2022, Poster, Banner, Quotes and Activities

World Population Day-Countless people all over the world. God created the earth for man. But that man is slowly taking over the world again. Almost every country in the world has a large population. That calculated number can not be . The world’s winds have become heavier under the pressure of population. The population of a country is the human resources of that country.

But if the population is high, it is dangerous for the country. So to that end the government of each country has emphasized on family planning. If more population is in danger then the country will sink to the abyss. If the population is large, the whole world will become uninhabitable. The world is going to face a great pressure in a very short time at the rate at which the population is growing.

World Population Day

Population Day celebrated July 11 as all  is  over the world . Since 1994  has been observe this day. Originated the day at UNESCO. This day is properly celebrated all over the world. UNESCO decided to observe this Population Day every year to reduce the pressure of the population,

to alleviate poverty, to help the helpless children, to stand by the poor people. Because a special day is needed to accomplish a task. You can’t go to people’s door every day. So UNESCO and the World Food Program (WHO) have jointly started this day.

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Population Day activities

World Population Day has a wide range of activities. WHO, the World Food Program, and UNESCO, as always, have reached out to help the world’s poorest children with government funding. Arranged good food for helpless children. Arranged good clothes for them.

There are many NGO around the world. UNICEF and UNESCO managed by they are. Through these NGO they have extended a helping hand to the poorest people by listing them as much as possible. He also took the responsibility of explaining the benefits of family planning to the uneducated people in detail.

There are some uneducated people in the village who consider giving birth to a child as a gift of nature. Helped them to break this misconception and make the right decision. He also tries to explain the harm to himself and the scene in giving birth to more children.

World Population Day

Various processions-meetings and even through street meetings informed the evils of giving birth to more children. He tries to bring back the children who are engage in child labor. She tries to inform women about the various benefits of family planning. Most countries in the world have high population densities.

In those countries, climate change is seen to be due to population pressure. The school and college On Population Day, various songs, poems and even drama programs are organize in each . Through which everyone understands the difficulties caused by overpopulation.

Population Day poster

On Population Day, posters of different sizes are put up in different places around the world such as schools, colleges, markets, playgrounds and other places. The posters highlight the disadvantages of overpopulation in some of them,

the plea not to increase the population in some of them, the advantages of having less population in some of them, etc. Through posters we can learn some new things. You may also be looking for a poster that you need on Population Day. Then below are the posters that you want.

Population Day banner

Below are pictures of some of the banners for Population Day that you want. Maybe these banners can be of any use to you on Population Day. You can make the banner of Population Day like a banner from here. Here are some collected tips for you. It is hoped that these banners will catch everyone’s eye during the Population Day procession-meeting or procession.

World Population Day Quotes

One or another scholar has come to the whole world. Some are gone, some are still there. You cannot deny that what the sages have said is accidentally true and that it has come true. There are many sayings of previous and later scholars on overpopulation.

Some of their statements have come true. Something is coming true again. Many scholars have said a lot about what can or will happen in the world under the pressure of population. You can read them from here if you want.

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So if you want to keep yourself good, if you want to keep the country good, if you want to keep the world good, you have to reduce the population density. Family planning must be adopter. Uneducated people have to be educate. Children must be tough to read.

They will be the future captains. Government regulations must be obey. If the birth rate and death rate are equal, the population pressure will decrease.

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