Celebrating World AIDS Day 2022, AIDS Day theme, Symptoms of AIDS, Treatment

World AIDS Day-HIV AIDS is a deadly disease. AIDS is a deadly disease that cannot be eradicate. No scientist has yet discovered a cure for it. The body of a person infected with cervix is ​​weaken. Gradually the city became exhausted and at one point reached the brink of death. So there is no way to survive if you have AIDS. World HIV AIDS Day

AIDS is a contagious disease. The disease can spread from infected person to everyone else in three ways. The baby is infect by breastfeeding which spreads the disease. The disease is spread through blood and semen. The disease is caused by a type of virus called HIV. This virus is very strong. The virus enters the human body and destroys all human immunity and paralyzes the body. Resulting in human death.

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Celebrating World AIDS Day

Every year on the 1st of December we celebrate AIDS Day all over the world. We observe this day to support and increase the morale of those living with HIV. On this day, we also remember those who died of AIDS.

These days we look at a few more issues: inequality, human rights, gender equality, social security and economic growth. The coronavirus epidemic has taken shape since 2020. As a result, our focus is now on the covid-19. Yet we cannot forget the other things.

None of us are safe during this coronavirus. Until everyone is safe. And other people can’t go ahead leaving people behind. We need to make sure that the coronavirus and the HIV virus do not clash. And that is why we have to eliminate inequality, put people at the center, use gender responsive methods.

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AIDS Day theme

UNAIDS urges countries around the world to invest more in global epidemic prevention. The company calls for new courage and new hope to achieve something new. He will always cooperate to meet the goal. And if the target is met, it will be possible to destroy HK by 2030. So this year’s AIDS Day theme is – Global solidarity, shared responsibility. World AIDS Day.

History of HIV AIDS

It become in 1998, may also 18 that the arena witnessed the observance of the primary global AIDS Vaccine Day. The idea of HIV Vaccine awareness Day stemmed from a commencement speech introduced by the previous US President invoice Clinton at Morgan nation university in 1997 (may also 18).

He had referred to absolutely the necessity of the vaccine to include and eliminate the fatal sickness. Clinton had emphasized placing technological know-how, generation to top-rated use and producing a vaccine that might boost person’s capability to fight HIV; and as a consequence defend the arena from the lethal clutches of AIDS.

World AIDS Day

Since then, global AIDS Vaccine Day is well known all throughout the globe via various groups to reiterate and remind humans about the preventive measures, and training approximately AIDS, encourage researchers; and ensure not unusual man’s whole participation in this noble force.

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which assaults the frame’s immunity. It  smaller thru sharing of needles, blood, unprotect sex; or can be transmit from mother to infant at some stage in pregnancy. Signs and symptoms of flu, fever, sore throat and fatigue mark the contamination’s outbreak inside some weeks.

Symptoms of the disease

 1) Fever, fever lasts for 10 days or more.                                                                                                                     2) Wounds on the tongue, lips, throat and genitals.                                                                                                   3) Physical weakness.                                                                                                                                                     4) Feeling of pain in the mouth and throat while eating something.                                                                           5) Dry cough continues.                                                                                                                                               6) Night sweats all over the body.                                                                                                                               7) Swelling of lymph nodes or lymph glands in the body.                                                                                           8) Continuous diarrhea continues.                                                                                                                                 9) Loss of body weight.                                                                                                                                                10) Gradually the body parts become useless.

The cause of the disease

1) HIV enters the body when having sexual intercourse with a person infected with this disease.
2) The virus can be spread through free and illicit sexual intercourse and other abnormal sexual acts.
3) The virus enters the baby’s body through breastfeeding from the infected mother.
4) At present drug addiction has become a big problem. As a result, many people are taking the drug at the same time through the same syringe during intoxication.

5) If the blood of a person infected with this disease enters the body of a healthy person, he can be infect.
6) Injection syringes inserted into the body of an HIV infected person, various surgical instruments, if used incorrectly in the body of a healthy person, it spreads the disease.
6) HIV-infected people can spread the virus from gum wounds and body saliva and juice.


There is usually no proper treatment for AIDS. However, there are some medications that can help the affected person to recover temporarily.
1) Consult a doctor and get proper treatment.
2) Advanced medical procedures take the help of ART.

3) Do not keep the affected patient in one room, stay by his side and increase the strength of mind.
4) Timely medicine, water and healthy food eat
5) HIV positive people should be encouraged to work without being deprived of daily activities.

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