What is Ezoic? Ways to earn from Ezoic

Ways to earn from Ezoic-Today I will talk about Ezoic. How to double or triple your Google Adsense earnings using Ezoic What is Ezoic? How does Ezoic work and what are the minimum requirements for Ezoic? About that.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a Google Certified Partner and an Artificial Intelligence Platform Besides Ezoic, Google has many other certified partners For example: Adfly. Moreover, Ezoic also has its own advertisers If your website is register with Ezoic. Then, they will show their ads on your website. But if your website has google adsense approval. Then, Ezoic will show high CPC ads from Google on your site.

Since, they are both rivals. So, they will show high CPC ads to maintain their position in the market. As a result, your website revenue will double to triple. The pre-condition for Ezoic approval is: Your website must have 10,000 monthly sessions. However, this condition does not have to be met at present. It is much easier to get a site approve than before. Even if you don’t have 10000 sessions, you can easily get Ezoic approval only if you have Google AdSense approval.

What is Ezoic?
What is Ezoic?

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How Ezoic works

As mentioned earlier, Ezoic is an artificial intelligence platform. Ezoic starts tracking them when they enter the website. which page the visitor is visiting; More clicks on some posts on the website; How many ads can be served to that visitor etc. Ezoic will display ads on your website through artificial intelligence. Ezoic can be link to Google Adsense. Suppose your website is getting traffic.

Ezoic’s own advertiser says, I will pay $1 to display an ad on this website. Now, if Google wants to show ads on that website. So, ads need to be shown with more money than Izoic. Ezoic will first show its own ads. But Google Adsense can show ads on the website for more money. Then, Ezoic will show Google ads instead of showing its own ads. And the whole thing is observed by Izoic. This will increase the CPC of your website.

Prerequisites for applying to Ezoic:

  • Your site must have at least 4 categories to get approve on Ezoic.
  • There should be 25 unique contents and the contents should be divided into different categories.
  • Unique feature images must be use.
  • About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions pages should be created.

Izoic test

If you fulfill all their conditions. Then they will approve your website. You cannot monetize your site immediately after approval. You have to pass 3 tests before monetization. The 3 tests are:

1/ Ezoic Basic Certification

2/ Ezoic Monetization

3/ Speed ​​Optimizer

They have 3 courses in this subject. Check them before the exam. After completing the courses you can take the exam. If you get 75% marks in the exam they will certify you and give you a certificate. Then you can turn on monetization on the website.

Does Ezoic support Bengali?

Most of the ad networks do not understand Bengali language. A few years ago, Google did not allow Adsense on Bangla blogging sites. You have to put in a lot of effort to get Bangla blogging site approved on Ezoic. Not just Ezoic. Rather, each ad network gives more priority to US, UK websites. As a result, it can be seen that US or UK visitors earn more if they click on website ads. On the other hand, a visitor from Asian countries earns relatively less if a visitor clicks on an ad.

Some questions:

How long does Ezoic take to review a website?

Answer: If you fulfill all their conditions. Then, they will review your website within 24 to 48 hours. However, based on experience, they take up to 2 weeks to review. But, hopefully, within 2 weeks they will mail you that your website is approve or reject. If your website has absolutely no visitors. So, their verification may take more time. For this you need to show patience.

Q: Does Ezoic require 10000 page sessions to be approve?

Answer: Previously Ezoic had this condition if you want to get approval from Ezoic. So, there must be 10,000 page sessions. But, now there is no need for 10000 page session. Your website has even 1000 page sessions. Ezoic will still receive approval.

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