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Redex Courier Service-Hey friends, how are you? I have come up with a new article for you today. This article is about the names, contact addresses and service charges of all branches of Redex Courier Service Bangladesh.

Redx Courier Service was launched in Bangladesh in 2020. There are many who are new to Redx Courier Service and do not know their customer care number, branch location and contact address. In this article you will find all the information about Redex Courier service. Follow our full post for that.

Redex Courier Service

Redex Courier Service is a digital e-commerce company in Bangladesh. This service helps you move your valuables from one place to another. Promises to move your parcel from one place to another in a timely manner. Redex courier service is much more secure for your product. So you can parcel any of your products through Redex Courier service without any restrictions.

Name, address and mobile number of all customer care in Redex Courier Service Bangladesh

For the convenience of friends staying in Dhaka Division, we have published the address and mobile number of all Redex Courier Services in Dhaka Division today. If you wish, you can collect the address and mobile number of your nearest Radix courier service from here. The names, addresses and mobile numbers of all Redex courier services in Dhaka division are given below: –

SL No District Branch Name Contact Number Branch Address
01 Dhaka Headoffice(Main Branch) 09610007339 1327, Tejgoan business area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
02 Dhaka Bangla Bazar 01324-711500 North brok hall, 34/1 Bangla Bazar Rd, Dhaka
03 Dhaka Palton 01313-718020 198 Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sharani, Dhaka 1205
04 Dhaka Bongo Bazar 09610-066526 95 Agamasi Ln, Dhaka 1000
05 Dhaka Gulshan 8801401122135 8801401122135
06 Dhaka Malitola 01313-718020 36 Pioneer Rd, Dhaka 1000
07 Dhaka Mirpur Hub 01729-203839 Beside Concord Garments, Dhaka 1216
08 Dhaka Redx new head office 09610007339 199 Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Dhaka 1208
09 Dhaka kalabagan 8801731310966 8/11, Peradise Bhobon, Box Culvert Road, Dhaka
10 Dhaka Sanir Akra H-12, Jia Sarani Road, Sanir Akhra, Dhaka 1236
11 Dhaka Demra 01849-427327 Noyekata briz, Dhaka 1361
12 Dhaka Keraniganj 09610-006339 Kalindi Rd, Keraniganj
13 Dhaka Uttara Hub house 15 Road-3 Uttara,rajlaxmi, 1230
14 Dhaka Tejgaon QC84+75W, Dhaka 1208
15 Dhaka Uttara 8801401122142 House-A, Road-16, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka
16 Dhaka Mohammadpur 01844944917 213/214, Bashati Housing, Gate number – 2, Borobagh, Mirpur 2, Dhaka
17 Dhaka Mirpur-1 01324711780 21, Shorafat Bhaban, Mazar Rd, Dhaka 1216
18 Dhaka
Mirpur DOHS
8801844944917 213/214, Bashati Housing, Gate number – 2, Borobagh, Mirpur 2, Dhaka
19 Dhaka Motijheel 09610007339 71,Mahabub Manshion,Motijheel
20 Dhaka Malibagh Hub
21 Dhaka Dhanmondi 01731310966 8/11, Paradise Bhobon, Box Culvert Road, Dhaka
22 Dhaka Gulshan 01401122135 Road-15, House-46, Banani
23 Dhaka Kallyanpur 8801844944917 213/214, Bashati Housing, Gate number – 2, Borobagh, Mirpur 2, Dhaka
24 Dhaka
8801731310966 8/11, Paradise Bhobon, Box Culvert Road, Dhaka
25 Dhaka
8801844944917 213/214, Bashati Housing, Gate number – 2, Borobagh, Mirpur 2, Dhaka
26 Dhaka
8801731310966 8/11, Paradise Bhobon, Box Culvert Road, Dhaka
27 Dhaka Chawkbazar 8801324711564 Haji Selim, cold store goli,Soto Katara, ChawkBazar, Puran Dhaka
28 Dhaka
8801401122141 Old Anabil Hospital Building(3rd Floor), Kajla, Jatrabari, Dhaka
29 Dhaka Azampur 8801401122142 House-A, Road-16, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka
30 Dhaka
Gudara Ghat
8801401122135 Road-15, House-46, Banani
31 Dhaka Banasree 01324711541 199, Shohid Syed Najrul Islam Sharani, 15/5 Bijoy Nagar (Old)
34 Dhaka Puran Dhaka 8801324711564 Haji Selim, cold store goli,Soto Katara, ChawkBazar, Puran Dhaka
35 Dhaka
8801877755619 3/4A, Gopinath Kaviraj Street, Babubazar, Dhaka
36 Dhaka
Old Anabil Hospital Building(3rd Floor), Kajla, Jatrabari, Dhaka
37 Dhaka
8801401122138 698/C, Hazi Anwar Complex, Khilgaonj, Dhaka
38 Dhaka
8801844944917 213/214, Bashati Housing, Gate number – 2, Borobagh, Mirpur 2, Dhaka
39 Dhaka Savar 01515696472 Chapain Road, Beside of Matribagan Masque, Savar New Market, Dhaka
40 Tangail Tangail +8801841424847, +8801408989684, +8801822435011, +8801982577214 Kanchan Kutir, Dhaka Road, Near Sundarban Courier Service, Tangail
41 Tangail
8801731185091 House/Holding-Block-A/5, House-1,Vill/ Road-Biswas Betka sibnathpara, Post-Tangail-1900, Thana: Tangil Sador, Tangil Pouroshova, Tangail
42 Faridpur
8801722118090 House: Babu advocate bari,East shabajpur, Thana: Kotowali, Faridpur
43 Gazipur
8801711220594 The Boardbazar,Altera cng pamp,besides Gazipur city Corporation office
44 Gopalganj
8801923144537 Vill/ Road- Goserchar, Post-Gopalganj Sadar-8100, Gopalgonj
45 Jamalpur
8801772380333 Rahman Plaza, Tamaltola, Jamalpur sadar thana, Jamalpur-2000
46 Kishorgonj
8801712992311 House/ Holding-1518,Vill/ Road- AKhra Bazar Binna gaon, Post- Kishorgonj Sadar-2300, Kishorgonj Pouro shova ,Kishorgonj
47 Madaripur
8801799340376 Madaripur sodor, Zilla :-Madaripur, Thana:- Madaripur, Pablik Laibyrir samne
48 Madaripur
8801682687111 House-87/7 vill/Road-porra manikganj sadar, Post-Manikganj-1800, Manikganj Sadar, Manikganj Pouroshova, Manikganj
49 Munshiganj
8801921014136 Mushiganj Main sadar, Beside of Thana, Munshiganj
50 Narayanganj
8801786716490 Shahin Mansion, Holding Number- 7/1 North Chasara, Jamtola, Narayanganj
51 Mymensign
8801761877713 Vill/ Road- Pahar Anantopur, Post- Babuganj Bazar-2216,Fulbaria Mymensingh
52 Narsingdi
8801711393581 Sujan Enterprise Bakul Tower, Dhaka Bus stand, Velanagar, Narshingdi-1600
53 Netrokona
8801712765430 Holding No:- 0094-00 Word No:- 01 Post- 2400 Fond of Gov.College Netrakona satpi / Netrakona sodor
54 Rajbari
8801300691062 House-126 vill/ Road Dhokhine vobanipur Rajbari -rajbari 7700
55 Shariatpur
8801618911404 House: Speen Building, Behind Palong Thana, Road: Kotowali Bari Road, Thana: Palong, Dist.: Shariatpur, Post Code: 8000
56 Sherpur
8801716956088 Holding no: 101/1, Gopalbari Battala, Sherpur Sadar, Sherpur-2100
57 Bagerhat
8801710260985 Kazipara, Vill/Road-Ronbijoypur, Post-K ali Dargah-9300, Bagerhat
58 Chuadanga
8801980555657 Road/Vill- Delotdear kourear para, Post-Chuadanga-7200, Chuadanga Sadar, Chuadanga
59 Jessore
8801969803946 House-41, Holding-1469,Vill/Road- Rail Road,Post-Jashore-7400, Kotoali Jassore Pourosova, Jassore
Redx Courier Sylhet
8801681788292 Address: 48/A, Al Helal R/A, Shachan Gazi road, Noya Sarak, Sylhet
Redx Courier Chittagong
Address: O R Nizam R/A, Road#01, House# 07, Monowar Villa, Ground Floor,GEC, Panchlaish, Chittagong

RedX Courier Service has a helpline number that is open 24 hours a day. What if you shipped the product to Redex Courier Service or wanted to know the location of your product? You can then call the helpline number. This helpline number will solve any of your problems.

RedX Courier Helpline: 09610007339

Redux Courier Service has delayed delivery of your goods for any reason or any of your important parcels have been damaged. In that case, you can contact the Redx Head Office by manually collecting the address and helpline number of the Redx Courier Service head office available in this article.

REDX services

Parcel delivery
First-Mile Pickup and Last Mile Delivery Services for Private, Small Business and Corporate

Bulk shipment
Special solution for large items and large number of deliveries

The line is
All freight transport solutions including FTL (full truckload) and LTL (partial truckload)

Complete solution for storage, sorting and processing

Truck rental
Open trucks and covered vans anytime anywhere in the country

Industry-wise loading-unloading facilities at factories, projects and ports

Logistics services
The help of an experienced team to solve any problem related to logistics

Customizable solution
Customized solutions tailored to your business type needs

See delivery charge
See how much it will cost to send each parcel

Service charge for redex courier service

Thank you for reading the full article. Hope you already know a lot about RedX Courier Service. If you want to know more about this courier service or if you have any valuable feedback, you can let us know in the comments. If you find this article useful, please share it and help others share it. Thanks.


199, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Road, Tejgaon Commercial Area, Dhaka-1208


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