Nabil Paribahan Ticket Counter Number, Address

Nabil Paribahan is a popular bus service in North Bengal. And Bangladesh has been providing safe and quality passenger service on the roads for more than two decades. This bus is at the peak of popularity in the northern part of Bangladesh.

Nabil Paribahan

If you want to go from one place to another using the Nabil shuttle bus. Then you should know the name of the ticket counter and its address. And today I am writing an article on that topic, so please read the article carefully without skipping the only request.

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The Nabil Paribahan bus has been operating on different routes for more than two decades with a safe and luxurious bus service for passengers. And in their fleet there are AC not AC luxury buses. One of them is Scania Hot and Cool AC bus coming from Dhaka to Rangpur, Dinajpur, Joypurhat, regular passenger service to North Bengal people.

Nabil Transport Bus is always ready to provide safe and comfortable service to passengers while traveling. Also in their fleet are lower RMS Aircon AC buses and Hino 1J Ak models that are include in the children’s fleet. These buses are very modern and of high quality. Every year, they try to keep up with buses in Bangladesh to add high-quality, modern buses to their fleet.

Are you ready to take this service? If yes, immediately know the name of the Nabil Transport ticket counter mentioned below and its location. Most of the information I collect was update in 2021. Read the article quickly without waiting any longer.

Nabil Paribahan Ticket Counter

Nilphamari: Accountant  01712-204187 Accountant Syedpur: 01717-061122 Accountant Domar: 01713-717445 Accountant Chilahati: 01922-883101
Lalmonirhat Counter: 01869810054 Burimari Counter, Lalmonirhat: 01716441551
Nabil Paribahan Bogra Counter : 01774-976078 Sherpur Accountant: 01761-545967
Nabil Paribahan Panchagarh: 01712-414444 Wedding Counter: 01712-363321 Debiganj Counter: 01726-898292

Gaibandha Counter 01839-968522
Nabil Paribahan Dinajpur: 01839-968503 Ranirbandar: 01737-039966 Accountant Birganj: 01748-929289 Accountant Setabganj: 01716-630262 Accountant Phulbari: 01721-888444 Accountant Birampur: 01732-787878

Rangpur Counter : 01720-993503 Taraganj Accountant: 01718-268902
Dhaka: Asad Gate Counter: 01839-968533, 01882-003271 Kalyanpur Khaleq Filling Station: 01869-811012, 01869-811013 Mazar Road Counter 1: 01839-968530, 01869-811014 Mazar Road Counter 2: 988: 01810-12081
Routes and Estimated Fares Nabil Paribahan Ticket Counter Name, Status, Contact Number and Ticket Price
Dhaka-Kurigram-Dhaka: AC fee is Tk 800-900, Non-AC fee is Tk 500-600.

Nabil Paribahan

Dhaka-Phulbari-Dhaka: the rent for air conditioning is 1000 to 1200 Tk, the rent for no air conditioning is 500 to 600 rupees.
Dhaka-Rangpur-Dhaka: CA fee is Tk 1,000-1,200, Non-CA fee is Tk 500-600. Dhaka-Bogra-Dhaka. Air conditioning rental Tk.1000-1,200, not AC Tk.500-600.
Dhaka-Saidpur-Dhaka: The fare with air conditioning is 1200 to 1500 rupees, the tariff without air conditioning is 600 to 700 Tk. Dhaka- Thakurgaon- Dhaka. AC rents 1,000-1,500 Tk, not AC 600-700 Tk.
Dhaka-Debiganj-Dhaka: AC fee is 1,000 to 1,500 Tk, non-AC is 600 to 700 Tk.

Dhaka-Domar-Dhaka: Tk 1,200 to Tk 1,500, Non-CA Tk 500 to 600.
Dhaka-Dinajpur-Dhaka: fare AC 1,200-1,400 Tk, not AC 600-700 Tk.

Nabil Paribahan Ticket Price List

Route                          Price
Dhaka- Rangpur         Tk. 450
Dhaka- Bogra             Tk. 350
Dhaka- Soidpur          Tk. 550
Dhaka- Thakurnaon   Tk. 600
Dhaka- Debigonj        Tk. 450
Dhaka- Dinajpur        Tk. 550
Dhaka- Domar           Tk. 550
Dhaka- Fulbari           Tk. 500
Dhaka- Kurigram       Tk. 500

special Note: Rentals vary based on Business Class, Economy Class, and Non-AC. Bus fares may vary depending on the situation. Contact them and get all the information about the bus fare.

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Nabil Paribahan official web site : More info

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