March 26th speech, pictures, poems, some words

The authentic month of freedom starts today (Tuesday) giving a terrible suggestion to the destruction that the Pakistani occupation powers did in this country from March to mid-December in 1971 , March 26th speech .

The country will notice the 51st commemoration of autonomy by paying the highest level of tribute to the conflict saints who made Bangladesh a sovereign state through a nine-month battle of freedom that started on March 26, 1971.

The month additionally made the country glad for the recorded seventh March discourse of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman, which has been perceived by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as region of the planet narrative legacy.

51 years prior, the country occupied with the conflict of autonomy in this month under the authority of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman and procured a sovereign Bangladesh on December 16 out of 1971 subsequent to battling against the Pakistani occupation powers for around nine months.

Walk is portrayed in the country’s set of experiences as a month of melancholy as well as motivation and commitment for the opportunity of the nation and individuals.

The battle for autonomy began raising from the start of March in 1971 when the then Pakistani tyrant deferred the booked March 3 meeting of the National Assembly as a feature of their connivance against the tranquil and genuine development of Bangalee.

Big History

In the midst of disintegrating political circumstance and expanding interest for opportunity of the country from Pakistan’s mismanagement, the principal rendition of Bangladesh’s public banner was lifted on Dhaka University grounds interestingly on March 2 by the Dhaka University Students’ Union (DUCSU).

The continuous development against the scheme of Pakistani rulers took an emotional turn on March 7, which ultimately turned into a banner day throughout the entire existence of the long strenuous opportunity battle of Bangalee.

On March 7 out of 1971, Bangabandhu – the draftsman of Bangladesh – conveyed his age making discourse of autonomy at the Race Course Maidan, presently Suhrawardy Udyan in Dhaka.

“We had spilled bloods… we are prepared to shed more bloods, individuals of the nation will be liberated, Insha Allah,” Bangabandhu in unequivocal term said in his 19-minute unpremeditated discourse before 1,000,000 opportunity cherishing individuals.

He proceeded to add, “The battle this time is for our liberation, the battle this time is for our freedom”.

Bangabandhu additionally settled on an intense decision to the thundering individuals from varying backgrounds to take arrangements for outfitted battle against the oppression, double-dealing, enslavement and hardship by Pakistani military junta with anything that they had and changing each house into a stronghold.


Bangabandhu’s enticing discourse in a real sense had a hypnotizing and shimmering impact on the whole populace in the eastern piece of Pakistan and they became joined under his able and farsighted initiative to courageously battle for freeing the homeland from the grip of the Pakistani powers.

At the point when individuals from varying backgrounds became joined for laying out their majority rule freedoms, Pakistani occupation powers did the slandered ‘Activity Searchlight’ on dozing Bangalee the evening of March 25.

When the Pakistani occupation powers began destruction Bangabandhu pronounced freedom of the country educating individuals to set up solid opposition and battle against them till the freedom is accomplished.

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