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Lionel Messi Biography, Lionel Messi is a world famous football player. He is also the captain of the German and Argentine national teams. Internationally, he played for the Argentine team. He is one of the best players in the world. He is the greatest player of all time. Messi has scored the most goals for Argentina. Messi was born in central Argentina. He joined Barcelona when he was just 13 years old. And this is why he knows Spain. Messi won the Ballon d’Or for the first time when he was 22 years old. He then received the award four times in a row. In professional life he was only with Barcelona.

Personal life

Messi was born on June 24, 1987, in Santa Fe, Rosario. His father was a manager in a steel factory. Whose name is Jorge Messi. Her mother’s name is Celia Kukistini. Messi was the third of four siblings. Her parents are of Italian and Spanish descent. Almost everyone in Messi’s family is a football lover. He also first trained with his father. Messi was vulnerable to football from an early age. The tendency to play football was from the age of four. So at the age of four, he joined his father’s club for the first time and took training.

Messi’s age

Messi was born in 1987. He is currently 34 years old in 2021. Messi has conquered the world at the age of 34. Messi has shown extraordinary talent since adolescence. Before he turned 20, he established himself as one of the best players in the world. When Messi was 18, Maradona declare him the best player.

Messi’s style of play

Small size in the form of Messi. He is taller than other tall players in the world. Due to this low height, Messi is very agile. In the game he can handle himself from all sides quickly and can change direction quickly. Messi is physically irresistible. But he is the most powerful. This high power helps him to maintain his balance and to face the physical challenges of the opponent.

Messi’s bed helps the strong leaves to gain acceleration skills. And his quick legs help him hold the ball while dribbling fast. Messi uses his left foot more in the game. He started the dribbling run with the outside of his left foot. Messi is a great goal scorer. He responds quickly. He also works as a playmaker.

Copa America goals

Messi drew Chile with one goal in the opening match of the Copa America in 2021. He first joined the Copa America in 2007. The first game was in Venezuela. He scored his first winning goal against the United States in the opening game of the match. His team scored four goals. He then scored four goals against Colombia to make the first step to a 4-2 victory. He scored the second goal of the victory against Peru in the quarter finals.

Through which they advanced to the semi-finals. However, all Messi’s attempts were not successful. Argentina eventually lost to Brazil in the final. The reason for the loss was the lack of skilled players in their team. There has been a lot of criticism for the team in Argentina. However, Messi was release due to his young age. Messi suffered a back injury while playing in the 2016 Copa America, in which he scored a goal against Honduras.

 Lionel Messi

He later scored another goal in the opening match against Chile to secure the team’s victory. Before playing this match, many people expressed concern about his fitness. But after winning, he got a place in the team again. He scored a hat-trick in one minute against 10 Panama.

The population of his match is 5. Which took his team to the quarter-finals. On 18 June, Messi was name Man of the Match in the Copa America quarter-finals. He scored two consecutive goals against Venezuela. Messi later scored a goal from a free kick. This goal took them to the semi-finals. Twice in a row, Argentina got a place in the final thanks to Messi.

So Lionel Messi is known internationally as one of the best football players in the world. Many compare him to Diego Maradona because of his different styles. Maradona announced Messi as his successor.

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Lionel Messi Biography,

Lionel Messi Biography

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