International Literacy Day, History, Theme, Significance, Activities

International Literacy Day-Every year around the world, we celebrate September 8 as International Literacy Day. We celebrate this day so that everyone understands the value of education. We observe this day to show how effective education is in human life. The importance of education in human life and national life is immense. Because without the light of education no nation can climb the ladder of progress.

People are the wealth of a country and a state. And in order to make proper use of this, proper education is need. At present we are all committed to quality education. We celebrate this Literacy Day to build a worldwide skill manpower, universal access to quality education and to encourage people to have the opportunity to be well educate.

History of Literacy Day

UNESCO declared September 8 as International Literacy Day on October 26, 1966. The day begins with tackling the problem of global illiteracy and finding ways out of it. The purpose of this day is not only to fight against illiteracy but also to make education a tool to equate people and the whole community. People deprived of access to education will get access to education.

And through this they will be able to improve their lives. People will get employment opportunities through education. The concept of Literacy Day was born in 1965 at the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the Elimination of Illiteracy in Tehran. Since then, the day was again in 2015 when the United Nations released its Sustainable Development Goals program.

Literacy Day theme

Like every year, this year has created the theme of Literacy Day. Henty is “Literacy for a human Center recovery: Narrowing the digital divide.” The theme of the 2020 Literacy Day was based on the global situation at that time i.e. Covid-19.

At that time the emphasis was on education in such a big crisis. The United Nations has held various Literacy Day programs to promote education, keeping literacy in mind, even in the midst of the Karna epidemic around the world.

The current state of literacy has led to an increase in the rate of education to increase the quality of education. Is trying to increase the education ratio of adults as well as minors.

The significance of Literacy Day

Education is need first of all to keep pace with the present world. Because without education we cannot move one step forward, without education we cannot improve ourselves. And UNESCO has been central to the spread of education and the improvement of literacy,

And for this reason, it is working in partnership with various organizations and institutions around the world. He is focusing on education in a changing world with different sports every year. According to UNESCO, literacy is the best remedy. Every year, UNESCO spends an incredible amount of time on poverty alleviation and education.

International Literacy Day

UNESCO has announced the International Literacy Award to increase literacy rates. We celebrate this day to increase people’s attention towards literacy. The significance of Literacy Day is immense to know what rights people have for social and human development.

Literacy Day activities

Just as people need food to survive, so they need literacy to improve themselves and succeed. Literacy is a more important tool in eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, preventing overpopulation, emancipation from gender inequality, etc. This day discusses various skills required for employment technical careers and livelihoods.

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