How to change router password, Rules to change WiFi router password

Change Wi-Fi router password-Has your wifi password been hacked? Or are you getting less speed because a lot of people are using your WiFi? Is that why you are thinking of changing your WiFi password? But you still don’t know how to change the WiFi password! So maybe searching the internet. Then you have come to the correct place. Today in this article, I will discuss in detail how to change WiFi password.

Change WIFI router password

Broadband Internet connection is the modern system of the present time. Each of us has several devices in the language. Most of the people in the world use broadband internet connection to provide internet connection to these devices.

But for various reasons, many people get the password from the router using broadband internet. So the wifi network is slow. That is why this article is for you to easily change WiFi password and lock WiFi password for little ones.

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Block WiFi rules

Is the WiFi router at home giving low speed? Even after calling the ISP, you got the response that we are fine here, that you are using full speed. If a stranger’s device is connected to your WiFi, this article is about how to lock it without changing the password. To block an unknown device, you must first enter the MAC address of your WiFi device.

Android = Settings> wifi> Advanced
IPhone = Settings> General> Wi-Fi Address
If you see a 12-digit number, collect it on a piece of paper
Then login to TP-Link Wireless admin panel> Wireless Statistics
Wireless / WiFi users will show as many 12 digit MAC IDs as you can see in the picture. The numbers 1, 2, 3 are also given.

Now compare the Macs you have taken in the book and see if they all match. If there is no match, it means a thief. So what to do now without changing the password!

Change password of WIFI router

Check if the computer has an Internet connection. Internet connection is required to access the router page. Connect the Internet to the computer through the router.

2. Access any web browser of your choice.
3. Now go to the address bar of the browser
Enter what works on your router.
Because the IP address is different on the router. Or directly
4. A user will ask for a username and password.
5. If you have never changed your username and password before, you will have a username and password. (If you already changed it and forgot it, please reboot your router.

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Change Wi-Fi router password

. If you enter the username and password, a page will appear with the option ‘Wireless’ on the left.
. From there, go to the “Wireless Security” option.
. A box labeled WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK will appear at the bottom of the page.
9. Enter the new password in the Password field below that box.
10. Save the new password by clicking the “Save” button below. If the new password is saved, it will be necessary to ‘reboot’ the computer to make the password permanent.
11. You will get an automatic restart option. Restart from there.

12. And if not, go to the ‘System Tools’ option.
13. From there, go to the “reboot” option and reboot.
14. The new Wi-Fi password will take effect when the computer is turned on.

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