Diego Maradona Biography-Age, Birth, Death, Childhood, Career, Personal Life And all Information

Diego Maradona Biography-Diego Maradona is one of the most exceptional players in world football. The full name of this international footballer is Diego Armando Maradona. Nicknames: “Hand of God”, El Diego, El Pelusa. Diego Maradona’s biography is too big to say. I am trying to highlight something in a short form.

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Maradona’s start

Diego Armando Maradona was born on October 1, 1970, in a bad place in Buenos Aires. He was born into a completely negative family. In search of a livelihood, her parents move from Corinthians to Lena. But, he grew up in Villa Fiorito, a suburb of Buenos Aires.

Diego Maradona was born after the parents’ first four daughters. Then Maradona has two more brothers. One is Call Hugo, the other is Raul. Everyone was a professional footballer. The vicious circle of relatives did not realize at that time that this boy would one day conquer the world. Argentina will win the World Cup with his hand.

Maradona’s death

Maradona died on November 25, 2020. Maradona became one of the best players in the world. Thousands of people are still alive in their hearts. Every man has found and will love Maradona. Maradona’s footballing prowess came to the fore here when he was hand vintage of the year.

Talent-scouting scouts were targeted to play for side club Estrella Roger. Maradona took to the field at the age of 12 after the first half of a first-division case for Argentina junior in Buenos Aires. The spark he confirmed in that half-time showed him an early way to take a seat in the sector. Seats


Within the football record, Celebrate is the hand of God and the intention of the century. He has played in 4 Global Cups in his entire career and has reached the finals of two International Cups. Football International also has his skills visible in the entire age-based team.

He also got a taste of the Sector Cup for children. Whether it’s Brazil’s best footballer of all time or Argentina’s Diego Maradona, the dialogue is not very restrained. By 1989, the seat had become a hold through a peel on my own. But the magic that Maradona showed at the 1986 Global Cup in Mexico, the seat split. It is doubtful whether another claimant will come out of these two in destiny.

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Expert profession

Easter started as Roger in 1986. Then Maradona’s adventure among the senior crew began as Argentinos Jr. The doors of the nationwide crew were opened in 1986. February 27 at the age of 18 in healthy condition against Hungary. I

n 1979, at the age of 18, he played for Argentina in the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Argentina defeated the Soviet Union at the very end to win the title. Maradona caught the eye of every body by showcasing the top talent in the show.

In 1982, Maradona played the first Global Cup of his career. However, it cannot express excessive amounts of light. Maradona’s Argentina saw a Crimson card with Brazil and left the second goal.

Diego Maradona Biography

This time Maradona has finished much more than before. Alb has gambled incredibly well in Celeste which is the group level of that international cup in Mexico. Argentina’s opponent in this region is England. The Falklands fight between the two international positions has reached the game’s concern.

Maradona jumped into the air in the 51st minute of the match and scored with his hands. The goal of scoring with his hands in the head technique became so best that even referee Ali bin Nasser did not see it on the field.

In history, that goal has been named ‘Hand of God’. Maradona then had some other purpose in the fit. Which is known in history as the purpose of the century.

Biography of Diego Maradona

Maradona has changed dramatically anywhere in the semifinals. In the final, the West German footballers put a strong mark on him from the start. Even then, however, Buruchaga did the conventional intent with his protracted bypass.

Argentina won the World Cup 3-2. Maradona contributed 10 of Argentina’s 14 wishes to the tournament. He also won the Golden Ball award for high quality footballer at the event.

Diego Maradona Biography Update

Maradona also won the Golden Ball inside the International Cup. Inside the International Cup, there were all the other pitfalls to winning the Sector Cup. However, Alb Celesti could not overcome the West German barrier behind the last Germany. Maradona’s international cup adventure ended as runners-up.

1994 International Cup. This is going to be a scandalous chapter for Argentina and Maradona. FIFA expelled Maradona from the World Cup for taking the banned drug ephedrine.

Argentina has been eliminated from the second one round. After this World Cup, Maradona ended his 18-12 month worldwide career. At some point in his career, he achieved 34 wishes in 91 matches.


He has played for Boca Juniors, Barcelona, ​​Napoli, Sevilla, New Wales antique Boys in his membership career. Maradona is the best footballer inside the world to set a group file. as soon as in Barcelona and again in Napoli. further to the Argentine national team in his training profession,

he has coached the club Al Wasp in Dubai. by no means in his complete profession has he been condemn once more with drugs. elevating palms on lover. Then to be arrested. Maradona is one of the attacks on the media. yet he is a residing legend in world football.

Diego Maradona Biography End.


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