Birth registration 2022-New rules for birth-death registration

Birth registration 2022-Birth registration is the first rule to be written in the government register after birth. The only way to legally inform your country, the world, about the birth of a child is to register the birth after birth. This is the first legal step to ensure a newborn’s name and nationality. Birth registration is a right of every adult, including children.

1. What is birth registration?

It falls into the category of civil rights. Birth registration is the first recognition that a child receives from the state after being born on earth. He joins the ranks of other citizens of the country with equal rights through this birth registration. The right to first birth registration is explicitly stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The government enacted the New Birth and Death Registration Act 2004 to make birth certificate essential. The law was enacted on July 3 to ensure the formulation of national plans, establishment of good governance and protection of children’s rights. Effective since 2006.

The Birth Registration Act states that birth registration is compulsory for every person born in Bangladesh irrespective of age, race, religion or nationality. At the end of the birth registration process, the birth registration authority will issue a certificate to the registrar. The government has already formulated an international birth registration strategy which will be finalized by the end of 2010.

2. What is the importance of birth registration? Why do I have to register my birth?

Importance of birth registration:

Birth certificate will be required to get 16 basic services from 2009. Birth certificate or its attested photocopy should be used in the following cases for proof of age.
These include:

01 Passport Issue; 02 Marriage Registration; 03 Educational Institution Admission; 04 Government, Private and Autonomous Institution Recruitment; 05 Driving License Issue; 07 Voter List Preparation; 08 Land Registration; ; 11 Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Obtained; 12 Contractor License Obtained; 13 House Design Approval; 14 Vehicle Registration; 15 Trade License Obtained; 18 National Identity Certificate;

If there is a birth certificate, there will be no opportunity for child marriage. Child labor will stop. You have to show birth certificate to get any of the services mentioned from January 1, 2009.

Why birth registration should be done

Birth registration has a significance. Birth registration is the first state recognition of a person. The state is acknowledging that, yes, you have become a future citizen of this state as a child. You will be given the status of a recognized citizen of this state and all facilities. You are welcome

Therefore, in order to become a full-fledged and established person by getting any facility from the state in future, birth registration is required. If you do not register your birth, you will not be recognized as a citizen of the state. Dignity is not found. Opportunity is not available. Legal problems cannot be solved etc. For these reasons, birth registration has to be done.

3. What are the benefits of birth registration? If not, what are the problems?

Birth registration

The following are the benefits of registering a birth:
1. Birth registration is required for admission of children in school,
2. Passport making requires birth registration to prove actual age,
3. To be a new voter, birth registration is required for proof of 18 years,
4. Birth certificate is required for proof of age in all types of government and non-government jobs.
5. Birth certificate is required to get married.

6. The actual age of the child can be determined only from his birth registration certificate.

6. Birth registration certificate is also required at the time of purchase and sale of land deposit.

. Birth registration certificate is also required for any complex medical treatment (operation, therapy).
9 Birth certificate of a businessman is also required in different fields of business.

If the birth is not registered, there are problems or difficulties in the following cases:

1. Accurate and quality treatment is not available at the right time.

2. Children have to be deprived of security services. Many children end up in prison for years because they cannot prove their true age even to prove false allegations in court.

, 3. Passport can not be. Then it is not possible to go abroad despite the need.

4. You can’t be a voter.

5. It is not possible to join a good job despite the qualifications.

6. Social work is also hampered like marriage.

6. The state cannot provide necessary services to the people.

6. Complex treatment cannot be taken. At that time many lives were lost.

9. Land-deposit cannot be bought or sold.
10. Business cannot be done well.

4. When to register birth?

According to the law, birth registration is compulsory within 45 days of the birth of a newborn child. If the child is not registered within 2 years of birth, there is a penalty for the parents. The government has introduced birth registration free of charge across the country to encourage people to register for birth, both for adults and children. Birth registration is free of charge until December 2006. A large number of people registered births at that time.

But even after that, it was not possible to register many children under the age of 18 in that period. Due to that, the period was extended till June 2010. During this period most of the children of the country have come under birth registration. The government has set a fee for birth registration after June. However, birth registration of children up to 2 years can be done at any time without any fee. If more than 2 years have elapsed then this prescribed fee has to be paid.

Birth registration fee is Rs 50 for persons above 18 years of age. In order to register the birth after 2 years from the date of birth, one has to pay a fee of Tk. 5 per year in Union Parishad and Municipality area and Tk. 10 per year in City Corporation and Cantonment Board area. The fee for English copy of birth certificate is 50 rupees in Union Parishad and Municipality area and 100 rupees in City Corporation and Cantonment Board area.

The fee for Bangla copy of birth certificate is 20 Taka in Union Parishad and Municipality area and 40 Taka in City Corporation and Cantonment Board area. There is a fee of Tk 10 in Union Parishad and Municipality area and Tk 20 in City Corporation and Cantonment Board area for data correction.

Rules for applying for birth registration-

Where to apply for birth registration
The places we go to for birth registration are as follows:

1. Union Parishad Office
2. Municipality
3. City Corporation Office
4. Office of the Ward Commissioner under the City Corporation

Responsible for birth registration

In 2004, the government, in collaboration with UNICEF, set up a national network of governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work on birth registration. Their performance is almost at the last stage. So for birth registration you now have to go to the following persons –
1. Member of Union Parishad
2. Chairman of the Union Parishad
3. Municipal Commissioner
4. Chairman of the municipality
5. Ward Commissioner of the City Corporation
. Chairman of the City Corporation

How to register birth:

Individuals living in the area where the person lives, such as children and older citizens who have not previously registered for birth, will first collect a birth registration form. If you live in a village, you can get the form from the secretary of the union council office. And if you live in the city, to the commissioner and chairman of the municipality. In case of City Corporation, the forms can be obtained from various ward commissioners and also from the designated office or birth registration branch of the City Corporation.

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